Hands on with the Chromebook Pixel [VIDEO]

Chromebook Pixel Video

I've just finished moving into Google's Chromebook Pixel, the newly announced $1300 Chrome OS computer.

I'm a firm believer in the idea that you can't evaluate a product in any meaningful way without actually using it -- and using it for more than a few hours, at that. So I'll spend the next several days using the Chromebook Pixel in place of my regular computer and getting a real feel for the system. I'll share some thoughts along the way and then a full in-depth review sometime next week.

After all, even though Chromebooks have been around for a while, we're basically talking about a whole new category of device here. The Chromebook Pixel's high-end nature and touch-enabled interface provide a very different experience than what we've seen with Chrome OS in the past. It's one thing to read specs on paper; it's another to see how a piece of technology actually feels and performs in real life.

For now, I thought I'd share a quick hands-on tour of the device as my journey begins. Take a peek:

(Programming note: In the video, I misspoke and described the Chromebook Pixel's display as being 12.5 inches; it's actually 12.85 inches.)

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Stay tuned for more in-depth impressions soon. And for more on the Chromebook Pixel and what it's all about, click over to my previous story:

Chromebook Pixel: Would you pay $1300 for a cloud-centric laptop?

UPDATE: Putting the Chromebook Pixel in perspective

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