Revealed: Samsung smartwatch Galaxy Gear

Samsung's said to sell its smartwatch soon.

Samsung patent

Samsung will launch its anticipated Galaxy Gear smartwatch early next month. The wrist-mounted smartphone companion won't have the flexible screen illustrated in Samsung's patent, but will have a wide array of sensors and enough horsepower to put a midrange smartphone to shame. Try banning this with your anti-BYOD policies.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers try to avoid Dick Tracy gags (and fail).

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Dick Tracy... [You're fired -Ed.]

Om Malik's sources "confirm" the details:

[A] September 4, 2013 launch is pretty certain [with] events in both Berlin and New York. ... Samsung has seeded many different developers, but most of them are said to have square screens [with] OLED displays [of] 2.5 inches diagonally [and is] powered by a dual core processor.


[It] has a camera [in] the strap and even has tiny speakers in the clasp. ... NFC to allow for bump-to-sync and authenticate. ... Bluetooth 4.0 LE to connect with smartphones.  MORE

And Chris Ziegler has moar sauce: [Pics or it didn't happen -Ed.]

Galaxy Gear will definitely not be a phone unto itself. "It works with phones," one source tells us. ... Samsung has made smartwatches with built-in phones in the past, though they were never widely distributed.


Barring a surprise event from Apple [or] Google...which are widely reported to be working on wearables of their own — Samsung is poised to become the first major manufacturer to announce a smartwatch since Motorola's MOTOACTV in 2011 and Sony's Smartwatch series.  MORE

Using his genetically-engineered intellect, Jordan Kahn triangulates with earlier rumors: [You're fired -Ed.]

An earlier report...claimed the Galaxy Gear smart watch would include a 1.5GHz dual core Samsung Exynos 4212 CPU, ARM Mali-400 MP4 GPU, 1GB RAM, a 2 megapixel camera, and a 320×320 1.67-inch AMOLED display.

...another report claimed that the device would become available sometime in October.  MORE

So Cory Gunther adds 2 + 2: [Ding dong -Ed.]

A built-in accelerometer will know when the watch is flicked in a manner that you could be looking at it, and potentially turn on the display for you.

...we can expect the usual array of sensors. ... Things to track calories, heart rate, and everything else like a Nike Fuel band and others on the market.  MORE

Meanwhile, Tom Terriffic harkens back to his youth: [Is that his real name? -Ed.]

Dick Tracy calling Go Go Gomez. Come in Go Go. That’s right Go Go it’s time Mumbles goes down hard Go Go. Bring him in.  MORE

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