The 0.1 percent solution

This pilot fish has discovered that in about 99.9 percent of cases where his users can't connect their laptops to the VPN, the cause is the anti-virus firewall blocking the connection to the wireless adapter.

"It happens so often that I now jump right to that issue and it saves me so much time in the troubleshooting process," says fish.

"One day I got a call from a user who was unable to connect to VPN. Right off the bat, we went through the process of unlocking the user interface to disable the firewall.

"When that was done -- no improvement.

"So I checked the properties of the wireless adapter. Everything seemed to be fine. There was no problem with the drivers that I could see.

"After exhausting all of my advanced troubleshooting techniques, I was coming to the decision that the laptop was going to have to be shipped back to me to be fixed.

"On one last whim, I tried the never-effective troubleshooting option for the wireless connection: 'Verify the wireless switch is on.'

"The users never turn the wireless switch off themselves, but our laptop bags don't open completely and require you to pull the laptop up and out of the bag, brushing the wireless switch against the side of the bag.

"Sometimes the answer is the simplest thing..."

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