'Confirmed': iPhone 5S will be vulgar, gaudy, tacky, nasty, tawdry, ugly, emetic

Anyone for Champagne?

Vulgar iPhone 5S in gold

Image credit: TheWhiteDemon

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will release a gold-colored iPhone 5S. This rumor is said to be 'confirmed' by multiple sources. And, yes, there are pictures of case components. It's clearly totally believable; so that's all right then.

But did anyone stop to wonder why Jony Ive would permit such a tawdry, vomit-hued bauble?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers froth themselves into an inevitable lather.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Maslow's Heirachy updated for the 21st Century...

MG Siegler comes right out and says it:

Yes, there will be a gold iPhone...I’m hearing from multiple sources.


I was told...that the actual gold iPhone would be...subtle in color. Think: less “gold” and more “champagne”...more like the old gold iPod mini.


I think one more reason why we’re seeing this golden iPhone now may be related to the rumored “iPhone 5C”. ...color seems likely to be a key differentiator.  MORE

David Deliaval offers these photos of the alleged chassis:

Nous avons de nouvelles photos...du nouvel iPhone. ... Les photos que nous avons pu obtenir montrent un châssis de couleur Or / Gold.  MORE

Jon Fingas noticed them, and wants to believe:

If [they] are accurate, you'll get some variety soon... and some bling.


While it's difficult to verify the snapshots...this doesn't look like an aftermarket project. ... As a result, we won't be surprised if we see a flashy gold iPhone at Apple's rumored September 10th event.  MORE

But Derrick Curry isn't impressed with the pictures:

It also looks like urine more than gold.  MORE

So Mike Beasley looks to emerging Asian consumers:

However, gold is a popular color in the China market, which could give the iPhone 5S an even bigger boost in sales.  MORE

Wow. Rocco Pendola is totally unimpressed:

Initial reaction from the tech-geek ether, gold is big in China, therefore a gold iPhone would be big in China.


If, however, you have anything resembling a long-term field of vision for this company, you best be concerned. ... I knew Apple would change when Steve Jobs died. ... That said, I never thought I would see this sort of...pathetic attempt at stealing low-hanging market share.  MORE

Meanwhile, Ned Hepburn offers this colorful metaphor:

The golden iPhone will probably inspire more nerd boners than Olivia Wilde in a geisha outfit.


Of course, this is Apple that we’re talking about — and the Apple rumor mill is pretty ****ing ridiculous.  MORE

And Aubrey Johnson sees what Jason Kincaid did there:

Wow, the gold iPhone sounds Ausome.  MORE

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