MacBooks now cheaper, still expensive

Apple Tweaks MacBook line, dropping prices (but not much).

MacBook Pro price drop

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) isn't selling enough MacBooks, so is trying making them less expensive. Instead of pricing them at the Ludicrous level, they're now set at merely Insane. (Over $2,000 for a reasonably-equipped 13-inch retina MacBook, still seems pricey to your humble blogwatcher, anyway.)

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers make like Fry. Or not.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Gregg Keizer kicks us off:

Apple today dropped prices of its Retina-equipped 13-in. MacBook Pro [and] its top-end MacBook Air. [Some] also received processor speed increases.


Apple rarely lowers prices. ... The last time...was in mid-2009, during the depths of a major recession. ... During 2012's fourth quarter, Mac sales plummeted 22%.  MORE

Simon Sharwood says:

New CPUs are the main extra. ... Dual core i5 and i7 CPUs are on offer. is possible to configure the machines with up to 768GB of solid state disk.


All new models are said to have batteries capable of driving the machines for seven hours.  MORE

And Andrew stylinexpat observes thuswise:

They had to drop them they were just sitting there in most Apple stores. You could see many people buying iPhones and iPads but not too often...a Retina MBP or Macbook Air.  MORE

But David Fourman's keeping his wallet in his pocket:

I like the display. Everything else isn't worth the price though.  MORE

Meanwhile, David Morgenstern channels concerns that Apple is ignoring its traditional Mac market:

[The] refrain from a number of Mac managers at the recent Macworld/iWorld Expo [was] the missing piece in the current Mac lineup: a new Mac Pro. ... Several system admins...spoke of the same concerns [as did] the content-creation pros I spoke with.


[People] want a new Mac Pro. Is Apple listening? And what is their strategy?  MORE

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