Is the iPhone Mini (or Air) actually a watch (or iWatch)?

As iPhone Mini rumors swirl, so does Apple watch talk.

iPhone watch mini air

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is said to be working on wearable technologies, according to two separate rumors reported in credible organs. An iOS wristwatch is supposedly on the cards, reportedly with curved glass and long battery life.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if this will be Apple's SPOTwatch, 10 years on from Microsoft's failure.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

John Ribeiro hears the incessant drumming get louder and louder:

Apple is experimenting with watch-like wearable devices...according to reports...citing people briefed on the effort. ... Apple has been exploring the area for some time...according to the report. ... The watch would operate on Apple's iOS platform, two people said.


Apple's share of the tablet market has continued to drop. ... There is speculation that Apple will look for growth in new product categories. ... Some companies have previously experimented with wearable technologies. ... Microsoft...launched a smart wrist watch around a concept called Smart Personal Object 2002.  MORE

Jessica E. Lessin has been talking to these anonymous "people":

Apple's efforts come as companies have introduced various kinds of wearable gadgets. ... More sophisticated devices face big technical challenges, but also are attracting investments. ... Foxconn...has been working on a spate of of these people said. In particular, [it's] address[ing] the challenges of making displays more power-efficient.


Apple has been exploring the area for some time, according to the people...and has hired employees with backgrounds in sensors and related technologies. ... An Apple spokeswoman [and a] spokesman for Foxconn declined to comment.  MORE

As has Nick Bilton, who sees disruption ahead:

Though such a device has been lost to [old] science fiction comics and spy movies...the smart watch might soon become a reality, in the form of a curved glass device made by Apple...according to people familiar with the company’s explorations.


[It] leaves open lots of exciting questions: If the company does release such a product...Would it include Siri? ... Would it have...Apple’s map software? ... Could it receive text messages? Could it monitor a user’s health? ... How much will it cost?  MORE

But what's the point of an iWatch? Bruce Tognazzini suggests some killer apps:

The watch can and should...eliminate passcodes altogether on iPhones, and Macs and, if Apple’s smart, PCs. ... If the watch did nothing but release me from having to enter my passcode/password 10 to 20 times a day, I would buy it...even if it couldn’t tell the right time! ... .


Just last week, our kid [got] his phone pay his bus fare using his marvelous NFC chip, only to have it stolen the same way! .... The NFC chip belongs in the iWatch, not in the iPhone!  MORE

Jonny Evans looks for clues in Tim Cook's recent speech:

"Our North Star is great products. ... We wouldn't do anything if we didn't think it was a great product. ...when we came up with iPod it was $399. Now you can get [an iPod nano] for $149...instead of asking 'How can we make it cheaper,' we ask, 'How can we make a great product.'"


When Apple does eventually diversify its iPhone range...don't be too surprised, OK?.  MORE

Meanwhile, Dan Lyons screams these immortal words:

Stock manipulation! ...who’s manipulating Apple stock now, with this sudden barrage of “leaks”? ... Does no one else think it’s kind of remarkable that this unreleased product suddenly starts showing up...coincidentally, right after Apple’s stock endured a brutal a low of $435? ... Wow! What a coincidence.


Tognazzini, a former Apple interface designer...suddenly, for no apparent reason, feels prompted to wax on for thousands and thousands of words about...Apple’s iWatch. ... Bilton even got an interview with the CTO of Corning Glass Technologies. ... What’s noteworthy here is that this is one of Apple’s big suppliers...on the record. ... If you know anything about Apple you know that this doesn’t happen without Apple’s permission.


Oh, and gosh, look what’s been going on with the stock price.  MORE

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