What's the rush?

A staffer at this city's Parks and Recreation department switches over to the Senior Services department, which means a change of buildings and a new workstation, reports a pilot fish in the loop.

"An IT tech migrates her desktop and all the applications she says she needs from the old computer to her new workstation," fish says. "It's completed and three weeks go by."

Then IT receives a request one day from the staffer's new manager to add the Recreation software to her workstation. The tech who usually does those installations is at training, and there's no indication that the request is urgent, so it's logged and assigned for the tech to do for the first of the following week.

Two days later, another person in Senior Services calls IT to ask when the install will be done. Turns out this person didn't know about the notification because, naturally, it was automatically sent to the manager who requested the install.

IT manager tells this new caller that the tech is out until Monday and the staffer will get her software then.

OK, but the staffer really needs this software, caller says.

IT manager quickly checks again -- no, the request isn't marked urgent, which he lets the caller know.

OK, caller says again, but this is the only application that this staffer uses, and without the software she hasn't done anything for three weeks.

"The IT manager arranges to have someone else get in contact with the recipient to install the software," grumbles fish.

"Still unanswered is why the recipient didn't put her job-specific software on the list of required software to be moved. And why she didn't say anything when the tech asked if everything was there during the move. And why she never said anything in the weeks after that..."

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