YAWN: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C release rumors reach criticality

How will you contain yourself?

Apple iPhone 5S iPhone 5C

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), to absolutely nobody's surprise, will launch two new iPhones next month. Rumors are, as usual, rife about colors, cameras, case designs, and other crud. Your humble blogwatcher really hates this time of year.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers can exclusively reveal nothing of any interest or novelty, whatsoever.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Is the launch on September 10? Ina Fried chickens out: [You're fired -Ed.]

The launch comes at an important time for Apple, which...has seen its global market share dip. ... One of the key questions is whether Apple adopts a new tactic to address the mid-range [with] a great deal of talk that the company will debut a new lower-cost iPhone [5C]. ... Much of the speculation [about the 5S] has centered on the usual kinds of camera and processor enhancements, as well as the likelihood of a fingerprint sensor.


An Apple representative declined to comment.  MORE

And iDanbo-san relays the name rumors:

According to my Asian source, the rumored coming iPhone powered by A7 processor will be released as “iPhone 5S.” ...the resolution of [the] camera will stay at 8M pixels but the F-stop will brighten to 2.0. Gold...the 3rd color of iPhone 5S will be optional.


The low-cost iPhone, which is covered by a plastic case made from polycarbonate and glass-fibre, will be released with the expected name, "iPhone 5C."  MORE

What's it look like? Mark Mark Gurman's words:

Besides retaining the same design as the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S will likely include a fingerprint scanner on the Home button for login authentication (perhaps made out of a sapphire crystal material).  MORE

So MG Siegler drives the point home:

The “gold” iPhone smells of BS, but I do like the notion of a gold iPhone 5S, with a supposed fingerprint-reader.  MORE

Meanwhile, Jonny Evans offers some contextual bloggatry:

...the company's Board of Directors are concerned...at the duration of relative inactivity...as it puts together its plans for Fall. ... Discontent among the directors could reflect a perception that...the firm has nothing much to offer.


[Or] it could be inaccurate. ... All the same, the timing of this report is quite interesting. [Apple] has appeared quiet for months [as its] enemies have taken the opportunity to become strong. ...it seems to me that Apple has reached a critical point. ... Fall may see the company enter a fresh spring, or take its first steps on a difficult autumn.  MORE

But a PLASTIC iPhone? Really? shinogami calms your fears:

Fear not, Apple with not call it plastic but iPolyC or something like that, which is so much better than your everyday polycarbon because of the hip “i” in the name.  MORE

Sounds like Anders Thomasson hates the playas, and the game:

And now, all the stupid Apple freaks start looking for their sleeping bags so they can join the queue!  MORE

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