WHAT!? Android is better than iOS, says @Stammy

He sold his iPhone 5 for a Galaxy S4.

Paul Stamatiou like Android now

Infamous Twitter UI designer, Paul Stamatiou, is inflaming passions all over the Web, by telling us all the reasons he's ditched iOS for Android. Talk about entering the lions' den. Hope he's wearing flameproof undies.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers tear apart his modest proposal.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Paul Stamatiou fires up the grill:

It was just meant to be a quick experiment. ... Two months in I sold my iPhone 5 and iPad.


Calendar widget. ...glorious Gmail app. ...notifications...aren't your useless "read-only" iOS notifications...Android just knocks it out of the park. ...a less restrictive canvas for developers. ... You can radically personalize the OS. ... You can do anything with Android.


there are a few pieces that help contribute to this magical user experience: the global back button, intents and Google Now. ...using Android is one fluid experience. ... It responds to who you are. ... Delight [is] what designers strive to produce in the experiences they craft. Google Now has hit the nail on the head.


[But the] community lacks a champion. ... Where is the Marco Arment or John Gruber of Android?  MORE

And Kevin C. Tofel opines thuswise:

All of the right points...explaining the key differences between the two platforms, ranging from notifications, simple sharing methods, setting default apps and much more. ...those on the fence...or those who want a modern refresher on Android...should certainly give this a read.  MORE

But Stefan Constantinescu thinks different:

I have zero doubt in my mind that this guy is extremely intelligent...but I fundamentally think [he's] wrong. ...guess which devices Paul used to come to his conclusion? The Nexus 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition. ... Two Android phones that have sold in such limited volumes that they barely even exist. ...most Android users are using devices that cost a third of that price ... The iPhone is $699, but the Galaxy Ace can do 90% of what the iPhone does for $200!


What will get me to switch back? ...a bigger iPhone. ... The phone I carry now has a 6.3 inch screen...that’s just one of the things Android allows because it’s different than iOS.  MORE

Michael Smith is equivocal:

[I] tend to agree with Gruber most of the time [but when he] talks about the whole Android vs Apple war I tend to carry a different opinion. ... Apple has yet to allow developers to respond to comments. This is one area where Google Play is so much better than the App Store..


[But] one still has to deal with the fragmentation issue. ...take 2 brand new phones from 2 top tier vendors...the app will work on one and not the other. ...we have no choice but to support both iOS and Android. ... Android is growing like mad. ... I don’t see this changing unless Apple comes out with a cheaper phone.  MORE

Steve Cheney thinks about what's next:

Android [is] pulling away in mobile share worldwide, but in the US...Android potentially having peaked. ... iPhone 5C...could really shake things up.


Qualcomm will...keep pushing performance per watt up so that it wins the...high end. ... Mediatek will own the mid and low end. This leaves limited room for Broadcom and nVidia. And none for Intel.


Android will reach round 2 of its fragmentation battle—at the service layer [which] effectively slows adoption by 12-24 months behind iOS. ... NFC is dead...Apple was able to replicate NFC functionality with Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi.  MORE

So Dtrix contributes his experience:

I just switched to android for a month now from using iOS for the past 4 years. Within just a month of using android os, I am fully loaded with the things that ios have restricted and I can say I love android and it is better.  MORE

Eric Ries risks repeating himself:

I have said this before, but it really feels like iOS vs Android is Mac vs Windows all over again.  MORE

Meanwhile, Romit Mehta notes a curious incongruity in Stamatiou's story:

I am amazed that he was designing for Android w/o actually owning an Android device!.  MORE

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