Surface Pro availability: Sold out? Or not?

Surface Pro availability highly suspect.

Surface Pro availability sold out

Sold out? Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is being accused of manipulating availability of its new Windows 8 tablet/PC hybrid. The company seems to be the latest playing the game of pretending to sell out of the latest shiny, in order to create buzz. But people are now wise to these shenanigans, it seems.

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Ed Baig reminds us why we should care:

I found much to admire in the Surface RT tablet. was light, sturdy impressive piece of engineering. ... [But] it was incompatible with all of the Windows PC software that came before... a probable deal-breaker.


Surface by no means perfect. ... So why then do I like Surface Pro so much? For starters, this machine packs a punch [with] an Intel Core i5 processor. ... The 10.6-inch full-high-definition display (resolution 1920x1080 pixels) is terrific. ... [It's] a hotshot. It's blistering fast. The screen is beautiful. It's a solid hybrid between tablet and laptop.  MORE

For a change, Preston Gralla brings good news for Microsoft:

The new Forrester report...holds out hope for Microsoft. 


Some 32% want a Windows tablet, compared to 26% for an Apple tablet, and 12% for Android. shows that for now, Microsoft [has] the hearts and minds of information workers looking for their next tablet.  MORE

And John P. Mello Jr. has more, but with a sting in the tale:

Surface Windows 8 at the top of the wish list for information workers...according to a report on mobile trends released by Forrester...based on interviews of more than 9700 information workers around the world.


Forrester's data...was gathered before Microsoft released the Pro version...which went on sale Saturday, [and] experienced some brisk sales.


However, questions have been raised as to whether Microsoft deliberately understocked [it] in order to create a sellout buzz.  MORE

Wait. Did he say "sellout"? Mary Jo Foley knows all about it:

...many [customers] said...stores had very few of the Surface Pro 128 GB models and in some cases, equally few of the 64 GB ones. ... Users can't order these devices online...because they are "sold out." ... The Best Buy page is providing conflicting information. ... Microsoft isn't explaining...what caused the supply shortage.


...the trials and tribulations of supply-chain management.  MORE

So Chris Cook cries foul:

...there have been reports over the weekend that the Pro has sold out in many locations. ... There have been suggestions that Microsoft didn’t supply enough stock in the first place.


These marketing tactics are nothing new...many companies have employed the same sort of practices...Apple and Nintendo being just two.  MORE

Meanwhile, CapnGeiger feels "frustrated" and "insulted" by Microsoft (and he is by no means alone):

What a frustrating couple of days. ... I called every best buy in Oregon. ... Only 64 gbs anywhere. ... The Portland Microsoft store...sold out in hours.


Anyone else have similar experiences? My conspiracy theory is that Microsoft recognized that the bad pr for the 64's limited storage space was bad news, and is actively sitting on the 128s. ... Think about it if you've been holding out for a 128. ... You've been buy the 64. To settle.


Don't. That's how they get you. ...if you continue to play games with me, Microsoft, I will take my ball and go home. ...give us a statement that is substantial and less insulting.  MORE

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