Facebook is malware, people suddenly realize

Facebook causes countless 'critical' websites to crash.

Facebook: an error occurred please try again later

Last night, when users tried to load many major media outlets, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) took over and spat out: 'An error occurred. Please try again later.' The company is downplaying it as an 'issue' but others see it as a huge wake-up call.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers just say 'no' to Facebook Connect.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Mike Isaac knows all of the things:

...many major websites were taken down by...Facebook. [They] sent users to redirect pages almost immediately upon loading. ... [It] seems to suggest that the error lies in Facebook Connect [which] is seen on many third-party-publisher websites in the form of the “Like” button.


Facebook [said] “...there was a bug that redirected people...to Facebook.com. The issue was quickly resolved.” ...it’s an unpleasant reminder that many...sites on the Web can be felled by something as faulty as a “bug” in Facebook.  MORE

But Simon Sharwood doesn't trust the social-network in Apartment 23:

No, you can't log on...b****. ... [It] produced an error message stating, helpfully, “An error occurred. Please try again later.”


...a horde of bloggers is currently typing posts about how...it is not entirely sensible to rely on third party services and/or the cloud.  MORE

He's right, you know, as Adam Clark Estes notices:

Facebook rules the Internet. ... Just think: When's the last time you signed up for a website that didn't use Facebook Connect or have a Like button somewhere. ...whether you read your News Feed or not, Facebook can ruin your...Internet surfing any time it wants.


Just look at all the tweets:  MORE

And Eliza Kern squeezes these letters together: [You're fired -Ed.]

The glitch...reminded a good deal of users just how many sites take advantage of Facebook.


Connecting users through Facebook can allow initially for...reduced sign-in friction, but relying on a third-party platform like Facebook can certainly come with trade-offs.  MORE

So Anthony Ha LOLs:

Well, that’s embarrassing.


I’m guessing that a bunch of publishers are all feeling a little more uneasy. ...if we don’t see a more in-depth explanation/apology...in the next day or so, I’d be pretty surprised.  MORE

Meanwhile, Sexo Fam is slightly sarcastic:

I hate Facebook so much, let me screencap all these dumb comments...and show you how much I hate Facebook!


You can stop using a product and move onto another? Impossible.


I’m witty right? Like my Facebook page to catch more of my hilarious Facebook-hating humor.  MORE

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