CarTube: Drive to distraction (and visit the hospital!)

YouTube has changed the way we live, and CarTube will change the way we drive.

The idea is amazing in its simplicity: Integrate YouTube into the most widely used mobile device, your car. Now your windshield is your viewing screen, your steering wheel is your keyboard, and your dashboard houses your mouse. Unlock your car door to like a video. Fast-forward with a pedal. And get rid of that pointless, pesky rearview mirror, replacing it with a high definition camera for car blogging (clogging, anyone?).

CarTube is the ultimate in multitasking, since now you can watch an informative video while driving. Stuck in a ditch? Don’t pull up a car fix-it video on your phone, watch it on your windshield.

So is CarTube safe? All you need to know is that your safety is the most important thing to CarTube.

With all that it offers, CarTube is a steal! For a mere $2.7 million, you can buy your very own.

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