Why would the bosses need to know that last bit?

Pilot fish gets a somewhat nasty note from a manager, complaining that emails that he receives from an online form don't always contain a return email address, but the ones a co-worker receives do.

"After a little investigation, I realize that the two emails are generated on different websites," fish says. "So I offer to update both to use the same fields with a required email field and the appropriate validation.

"Once the work is completed I notify the user of the changes and head home for the night.

"By noon the next day I receive another terse email that the user still does not get the return email address in his notification and that it severely impacts his ability to perform his duties. This is very important and the help desk ticket is now being cc'd to upper management.

"I of course apologize and ask him to forward the two emails he received so that I can try to determine what the issue is.

"After 10 seconds of review, I notice that the emails in question were submitted two hours before I made the changes to the website.

"His response to my explanation was very gracious and apologetic. It was also not cc'd."

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