Not so much transformational as transportational

The business where this pilot fish works is going through a series of "transformational changes" -- which include replacing the front-desk receptionist's phone-answering duties with an automated system.

"Previously, we had a console phone setup that the receptionists manned and forwarded the calls with, though I suspect they liked it because it had lots of buttons to push," says fish.

"I spent the better part of a man-month last summer reprogramming and rerecording all the automated attendant messages and menus, and the automated attendant was implemented to very little fanfare.

"Shortly after the transition, the receptionist left the company. But even with the automated attendant set, there was a request that someone in the office answer the phones because 'people didn't like the automated operator.'

"Flash forward to this morning: I was asked in the hallway, 'Would it be a lot of trouble to move the front-desk receptionist phone upstairs? The office person who's answering the phone would like to have it up there.'"

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