iOS 7 beta 5 comes early, with some secret surprises

Tim's team keeps cranking out the UI tweaks.

iOS 7 beta 5 download

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) releases beta 5 of iOS 7 -- the operating system expected to power the iPhone 5S and 5C. What's new, and what does it tell us about the release schedule?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers dig into the details.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

G'day to our anonymous dununder cousins:

It’s just over a week since the release of...beta 4, but now Apple has let loose the next update. [It's] tagged as build 11A4449a and brings some bug fixes... improvements and alterations. Among the updates are newly redesigned Settings icons and a Control Center option that enables users to disable [it] within apps.


iPhone 5 users installing iOS 7 beta 5 have noticed that the boot screen now [shows] a white screen...on white devices and a black one on black phones.  MORE

Juli Clover feels lucky:

The icons in the Settings menu have seen a complete design, going from standard blue icons to a variety of square icons in various colors. ... Control Center’s settings now allow...preventing Control Center from being accessed from the bottom of the screen while playing games. ... Banner notifications can now be pulled down to access additional information. ... There are now On/Off toggle options under the Accessibility menu.


Apple is likely to continue pushing regular updates...bringing minor performance boosts and changes ahead of [its] public release, which is expected to come in the fall.  MORE

Jason D. O'Grady says the Control Center toggle is "much needed":

This prevents Control Center from being accidentally invoked. ... Many people had problems with Control Center conflicting with...the lower edge of an app's UI.


The problem is that [it] uses an all-or-nothing approach. The new "Access Within Apps" slider turns off Control Center for all apps. ... It would be better if the Control Center setting allowed you to blacklist apps that conflicted with the feature. Or alternatively, you could whitelist.  MORE

And Darrell Etherington notes a redesigned lock screen:

...arrows indicating where to swipe to pull down notifications, and visual cues about what to do to unlock the device proved confusing. ... Apple is paying close attention to user feedback.


Don’t be surprised if we see still more...betas, possibly propelling this to the most iterated upon...Apple mobile OS to date. This is no small change...a lot of refinement is to be expected.  MORE

So Josh Lowensohn wonders what the precedent is for #5:

Onlookers are expecting a few more changes before it's finalized.


It's the norm for iOS to undergo several beta versions before it's ready. ... For iOS 6 it was five betas, whereas with iOS 5 it was eight. [The] final release that goes out...has historically shipped on Apple's new iPhone.  MORE

Meanwhile, Meghan Kelly trumpets the elephant in the room:

Apple had a three-week hiatus between its third and fourth beta releases, likely due to a hack on its developer center system. ... The company announced...that the majority of the developer center will be up by the end of this week.


Those with an iPhone 4 or later can use iOS 7 [alaso] those with an iPad 2 or later, an iPad Mini, and the fifth generation iPod Touch.  MORE

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