Which part of POWER don't you understand?

Flashback to the mid-1980s, when this pilot fish is working for a systems integrator and gets a call from a recent customer.

"The customer's office manager wanted to show her smarts," says fish, "so she asked, 'How much power does this new computer have?'

"I told her it had an 80286.

"'No, how much power does it have?'

"I told her that it ran at 6 MHz.

"'No! How much power does it have?'

"I told her it would handle four simultaneous users.

"'NO! How much power does it have? POWER!'

"I told her it had dual floppies.

"'NO! How much POWER does it have?'

"I told her it had 256KB of RAM.

"'Well, thank you!'"

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