Share to Google Talk on Android

Share to Google Talk on Android

In talking about Android's system-wide sharing function this week, a lot of people have asked me about the mystifying fact that you can't share data to Google Talk.

This is a limitation created by the GTalk app itself; if the GTalk dev team would add in support for sharing intents, the app would show up as an option for sharing throughout the entire OS.

Why they haven't done that is beyond me. But there is a workaround.

An app called GtalkShare serves the sole purpose of letting you use the Android sharing system to pass data into a Google Talk conversation. It isn't the most elegant solution -- or the most visually pleasing interface, for that matter -- but if you're among those jonesing for a way to share into GTalk, it'll get the job done.

GtalkShare is available for free in the Google Play Store. It uses Android's token authentication system to connect to your account, which means you grant it access only to Google Talk (and you don't ever have to expose your password or any other sensitive info).

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Of course, it is a little silly that we even need a workaround for such a basic function in a Google-made app. So come on, Google Talk team: How 'bout some native support for sharing in the main GTalk app already? I'm pretty sure there are a few people in your company who could get the job done.

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