BlackBerry BB10 review watch: Wow, that's unexpected!

 BB10 reviews are in.  The new BlackBerry (TSE:BB)/(NASDAQ:BBRY)—formerly RIM—platform and phones are raising surprised eyebrows, especially among those who had written off the company and its previous products.

BB10 review

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers think again.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

A bouncing David Pogue goes to offer his humble apologies:

Once dominant, the BlackBerry has slipped to a single-digit percentage of ... The whole operation seemed to be one gnat-sneeze away from total collapse. ... BlackBerry 10...was delayed and delayed and delayed. ...what prayer did BlackBerry have of catching up to the iPhone and Android phones?


Well, BlackBerry’ phone is finally here. ... It’s lovely, fast and efficient, bristling with fresh, useful ideas. ... The BlackBerry’s 4.2-inch screen is even sharper than the iPhone’s. can swap batteries. ... Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. ... Some of BlackBerry 10’s ideas are truly ingenious. ... BlackBerry has come up with a mind-bogglingly clever typing system. ... There’s speech recognition, too...Siri-like in concept. ... The camera software is terrific. ... [It] neatly solves a huge problem for corporate techies: how to keep employees’ work phones secure in a [BYOD] world.


BlackBerry is no longer an incompetent mess — and its doom is no longer assured.  MORE

And Mary Branscombe looks to the future:

What comes next is connecting your phone or your tablet to a lot more than email, websites, Twitter and Angry Birds. ... Mobile computing needs a different approach from taking a fundamentally desktop-bound operating system and dragging it around with...a very long invisible Ethernet cable. ...what RIM has in QNX is an operating system that can connect to and disconnect from remote resources in a very neat way, and very responsively.


QNX has a lot of advantages, such as memory protection...with adaptive partitioning that guarantees critical processes always have enough CPU time...and good shared memory management. ... The only limit is developers' imaginations. definitely gives BlackBerry a head start on connecting to the Internet of Things.  MORE

But Matt Hamblen can't resist having a little run-on, metaphorical fun at the expense of hype-fueled industry analysts:

BlackBerry has...promoted two rising young stars to lead the old vessal beyond deeper waters to a distant shore where Sisyphus is breaking his back pushing that damn boulder up the steep hill that iOS and Android built just to be able to point and laugh at their enemies.  MORE

Wow, even Preston Gralla prefers Windows Phone:

The fight between the two platforms is...between entire ecosystems, and that's where Microsoft has the edge...which is why [Windows] will become the number three smartphone platform.


The battle these days is among giant ecosystems, not discrete pieces of hardware.  MORE

Meanwhile, danee can't wait:

i actually think this phone rocks. i am in IT. but now i am thinking seriously about doing this for collobration (sp). ... if this goes well in terms of sales and acceptance in the tech world, i am thinking that bb has leap frogged iphone and samsung.


this is the first time i am thinking of going out and buy...BEFORE my contract is up!  MORE

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