Alternate fix: Roll the chair right

The big boss at this company is well known as a technophobe -- but he's also liable to bite the head off anyone who questions him, says a pilot fish on the scene.

"He had been to night school to learn how to use DOS way back in the day and was quite certain that the company could operate with it, and updates be damned," fish says.

"He called me in one day and told me that his keyboard was no longer working. Showed me what he was doing, and nothing was happening on screen. To every 'Have you tried--' he interrupted with 'Yes!'

"Eventually I was told to go get another keyboard, which I duly did. It still didn't work.

"I returned to my office to research any other options, anything at all, and spoke to a senior colleague. I told him the problem, what I had tried and the results that had been achieved.

"He smiled gently, took me back to the boss's office, and moved the keyboard two inches to the left -- so the arrow keys would again be under his fingers rather than the Ctrl, function and Shift keys.

"And the problem was solved."

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