Actually, that pretty much explains it all

It's back in the glory days of engineering workstations, and this IT tech pilot fish gets a call about one that has stopped running.

"As I walked into the user's cubicle, I smelled burnt electronics -- a very strong and unmistakable odor," says fish.

"I pulled out the workstation, and as I started to examine it the user's cube-mate started laughing. The user tried to shush him, but he just kept laughing louder and louder."

Finally the co-worker gets himself under control and says he just can't resist telling fish what happened.

It seems the user didn't like the noise from the workstation's fan, so earlier in the week he brought in a heavy blanket from home and wrapped the machine up to silence it.

That blocked the fan and all other openings. And sure enough, it did quiet the machine down.

The co-worker said the machine had actually managed to stay functioning for more than a day that way before it shut down for good.

And in case fish has any doubts, they're dispelled when the co-worker pulls the blanket out from behind a desk where it was stashed.

"I didn't even try to fix it," fish sighs. "I just got him a replacement from the used machines we had in stock and told him that if he destroyed this one, I couldn't guarantee that there would be another replacement.

"The sad part is that this fellow was an electrical engineer."

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