Back-to-school tech guide 2012

Feel that chill? That's not the end of summer approaching; it's the beginning of another school year. With student budgets in mind, we've gathered 10 items -- gadgets, gear and apps -- that'll improve a college student's life, whether in the classroom, in the dorm or around campus.
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iPlanner or Class Buddy Pro

Both these apps -- Nihar Gandhi's iPlanner for iOS ($1.99) and mSurf Lab's Class Buddy Pro for Android ($1.99) -- provide portable ways of keeping track of your class schedule, but they have other features that make them more useful than a simple calendar. They both keep track of assignments and due dates, and also record your teachers' email addresses and office hours.

iPlanner lets you send an email right from within the app and also links to your classes' websites. Class Buddy can export and import events to Google Docs. Either one will help a student answer the all-important questions: "Where am I supposed to be, when am I supposed to be there, and what homework am I supposed to have done?"

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