adds Excel dataviz app

The Latvian dataviz/infographics site has launched an app for Excel 2013 that allows you to create interactive charts within Excel. Select your data, activate the app and you can use some of's charting tools without leaving your spreadsheet. 

The app, now in beta, is currently free. It's still a bit buggy -- I had some problems trying to change chart colors while testing out yesterday on day one, for example; but it does show promise for those interested in creating the kind of interactive graphs typically generated with JavaScript on the Web. However, users should be aware that all  graphics you create this way also reside at (a free account is required to use the add-in). You can keep those charts private, but it's not clear to me that there's security beyond assuming no one will guess the chart's (admittedly quite lengthy) URL -- unless you pay for password-protecting your graphics with a pro account at $18/month.

As it stands now, I wouldn't use a free account for sensitive data. But for info either designed to be public or without need to be private, the app may be an easy way to add some interest to Excel graphics once the kinks are worked out. Excel add-in
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