SHOCK: New RIM BlackBerry 10/Z10 looks good

Amazingly, new BlackBerry not dead in water. Counter to the usual echo-chamber narrative, the latest leaks from RIM (TSE:RIM)/(NASDAQ:RIMM) show the new BlackBerry 10 OS and BlackBerry Z10 flagship handset to be attractive, fast, and useful. Looks like the Canadian company actually has a chance at competing with the iOS and Android BYOD-fodder.

BlackBerry 10

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers link to leaked screenshots and video.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Here we go with a Jonathan S. Geller style, breathless "exclusive":

With BlackBerry 10′s official launch just around the corner, we happened upon a few photos of the final gold master...running on a BlackBerry Z10. ...about 100 photos of the phone’s operating system in full detail.


Lastly, we have heard that RIM is planning to launch the BlackBerry Z10 at a [low] price point. ...expect something at $149 or below with two year agreement.  MORE

Und Peter F. Mayer got his hands on a near-final Z10: [terrible translation by Your Humble Blogwatcher]

The BlackBerry Z10 has what it takes to compete with the iPhone 5. ... The design follows recognizable RIM design cues, but modernized. ...the removable back cover allows access to the 1800 mAh battery, the microSIM and microSD.


BlackBerry 10 is based on QNX, which is extremely fast. ... In the beta version, which seems to have plenty of debugging code, the Z10 is as fast or faster than the iPhone 5.  MORE

But Dan Seifert sounds disappointed:

Unfortunately, the leaked images don't give us any more clues as to what unannounced apps will be available [or] what it will be like to actually use.


RIM's hosting a major, multi-city event on January 30th to finally unveil the new platform and its first devices. will be interesting to see how RIM decides to price [them].  MORE

However, Darrell Etherington watches the Austrian video, and likes what he sees:

Highlights include the voice control comparison. ... The iPhone 5 didn’t get it all right...while the Z10 nailed it.  MORE

How did we get here? MonkeyPaw has his opinion:

RIM had the market by the snarglies, and has, through a series of poor business decisions, left [itself] vulnerable. ...a warning to other companies that already have favorable marketshare. How many "Maps" moments can Apple afford to have?  MORE

Meanwhile, John P. Mello Jr. hears "desperate...whispers":

Although [RIM] managed to show small profit...last quarter, it came after three quarters of hemorrhaging cash. ... RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins acknowledged in an interview...that licensing BB 10 is "conceivable." ... Licensing BlackBerry 10 has both pros and cons for RIM.


[It would let] RIM expand its reach...if partners are making devices. ...such licensing agreements may be necessary if it wants to enter something like the automotive market.


Premature talk of licensing...could detract from the product's momentum when it actually ships. the Windows OS and Android, a degree of uncertainty exists about what one's getting in a device. ... RIM could find itself competing with partners.


Although licensing may be in the idea hopper...Heins concedes that talk of premature.  MORE

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