Pretty sure there WAS an L in there somewhere

User at this state agency has a problem with her mainframe account, so her supervisor requests a new ID on the mainframe. That requires some approvals to gain access to certain screens, says a pilot fish in the know.

"At the supervisor's request, the security administrator sent a note to the approver, asking for approval for the user to access the B1 screen, the L screens and the G4 screen, which the approver is responsible for monitoring access to," fish says.

Approver to user: "Please review your request and determine the need for access to all those screens, remove the ones that you don't need and provide a brief justification for the screens that you need access to. Thanks."

Supervisor to approver, responding for user: "The user is our team clerical that once had access and was kicked out. She has been assigned to open cases, assist, etc. She needs full access to the C3 screens and the screens that aid in opening cases. Thanks."

Approver to supervisor: "OK, I understand about the C3 screens. List the L screens that are necessary to open cases. Thanks."

Supervisor to approver: "C1, C3, C4, C5, C8, C9, N2, M7, M2, M3, M5, M6. Thanks."

Approver to security administrator: "I am the owner of those screens?"

Sighs fish, "The security administrator responded to the approver, 'No, you are not the owner. It appears that we can remove the B1, the L screens and the G4 screens from this request. Thank you.'"

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