And when we say urgent, we mean...

This public library provides a particular model of netbooks for patrons to use while they're in a library branch, says a pilot fish on the support end.

"Occasionally, the wireless network card driver crashes and Windows displays a blue screen with the filename of the driver that crashed," fish says. "We've tried everything to fix this problem, but it has been a thorn in our side for a while.

"A librarian submitted a trouble ticket for the problem, indicating that it was very inconvenient for the patron to have to shut down and restart the netbook when it blue-screened and how come we can't fix the problem?

"She included in her trouble ticket a solution that she had found online after researching the error message. She indicated that there was a driver update for the network card and also an 'Urgent Update' issued by the maker of the netbook.

"So we checked to make sure that we were using the latest driver -- we were -- and we checked for the 'Urgent Update' on the manufacturer website, but were unable to find it.

"We reported the findings to the librarian along with a long explanation. She looked into her browser history to find the 'Urgent Update' -- and then apologized when she realized that the 'Urgent Update' was six years old and wasn't even for this particular model of netbook."

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