Microsoft employees: We like Steve Ballmer...sort of

With the sluggish launch of Windows 8 and the Surface, and Microsoft still far behind in mobile, you would think that Microsoft employees would be less than enamoured with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. But that's not the case. Ballmer's favorability ratings by Microsoft employees jumped to 46% at the end of 2012, compared to a lowly 29% a year earlier. Not a ringing endorsement, but a big uptick.

These results come from, and were published in December. Ballmer was named the most improved CEO by Glassdoor because of his dismal showing a year previous. A year ago, of the 50 CEOs of tech companies rated, Ballmer was in 48th place, beating out only Ursula Burns of Xerox, and RIM CEOs.

The ratings are based on reviews of executives by employees who work at each of the company.

Of course, a 46% approval rating is nothing to crow about. In fact, it's dismal. The CEOs of SAP and National Instruments rated 100%. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg came in at 99%. Apple's Tim Cook rated 93%. Google's Larry Page was rated 94%. Ballmer's 46% rating puts him at 47th out of the 50 CEOs rated. Marginally better than 48th place a year previous. But still, 47th place out of 50 is an awful showing. He rates even below Zynga's Mark Pincus, who has a 54% rating.

So yes, Microsoft employees like Steve Ballmer more than they did a year ago. But that's not saying much.

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