Definitely not one of those NON-database DBAs

This change manager pilot fish at an extremely big bank is facing a major incident that requires the intervention of a database administrator -- but it's going to be a bit more complicated than in the past.

"With new crisis-escalation procedures in place after a recent merger, I called the new hotline, which was answered in Ohio that day," fish says.

"Informing the crisis manager of my platform name and need for an Adabas database administrator, the crisis manager was quick to escalate to a DBA. Unfortunately, he did not understand that 'Adabas' is a particular database type, which we run exclusively out of our data center in the UK.

"The DBA, who I didn't know, literally rushed home and joined the call, breathing heavily.

"But he was perplexed about our platform name. And I was perplexed with him, since I was on a first-name basis with every Adabas DBA in the company.

"When I asked the crisis manager if he had heard my request for an Adabas DBA, he replied that he thought I said 'database DBA.'"

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