Fireworks displays that rate immortality

In many nations, holidays are observed with fireworks. LOTS of fireworks. Untold millions of dollars are destroyed in minutes, but oh how gloriously they are spent.

In the USA, we're coming off of Independence Day celebrations, and there are a plethora (nay, a veritable cornucopia!) of YouTube vids showing some of the more spectacular results. For example, check out what happens when 20,000 bottle rockets are shot up in a matter of a few seconds:

What could be better than 20,000 bottle rockets? How about 32,000 firecrackers?

But lest we forget, fireworks are dangerous. This video shows the unspeakably horrible results of two rednecks with an illegal firework. Warning, very graphic, do not watch unless you want to spend the rest of the day laughing uncontrollably!

So if you have an excuse for it coming up soon, have fun making money vanish in a glorious fashion, but hey, let's be careful out there...

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