Well, he SAID there weren't any lights

User calls this help-desk pilot fish: "My desktop can't connect to the wireless network!"

Fish replies, "There's a wireless access point in the room right next to yours, but the summer reorganization on your floor has a lot of things moved around. Can you go and check if the WAP is still plugged in?"

He waits while user checks.

And after a minute, the user's voice returns. "Yes, it's plugged into the AC outlet and the network jack."

"OK," fish says, "did you see any lights on it?"

"Sorry, I'll need to go look again."

Another pause.

"No, there don't seem to be any lights," user says, "but I'm not sure what I'm looking for."

Fish says, "If the lights are on, it should be clear. We'll send someone over."

And it's fish himself who arrives a few minutes later in the room where the WAP was plugged in. But the room is dark -- neither the lights nor anything else is working.

User asks earnestly, "Should I have mentioned the power is out in that room?"

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