Welcome back, boss. When's your next trip?

The office where this IT pilot works is constantly busy with more work than the staff can get done -- and the boss makes a decision.

"He decides after months of 12-hour days and phone calls in the middle of the night to take a 10-day vacation on a different continent," says fish. "We have problem tickets lined up from here to forever, so no one, including the boss, has any fear that we'll run out of work to do while he's gone.

"The boss departs and stays in contact periodically just to see what's going on, but is not involved in any way with the day-to-day details of anything.

"The boss returns refreshed from his trip and the first thing he does is look at check-in reports, completion reports, etc. He pulls most of us over in a pleasant way to mention how much work we got done while he was away.

"We all thank him and get back to our seats. Once we sit down, the staffers all agree, via chat, that we would get more work done if the boss would get away more often."

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