Network admin pilot fish gets a call from the IT director, who doubles as the staff programmer at this small company.

"I'm assigned the job of finding out why a particular service account gets locked out several times a day," says fish. "I track the problem down to a computer in the director's office that is used for programming tasks.

"When I visit the big man's office to check out the problem further, the boss is on the phone. There's a new desk and the programming PC has been moved to a new position behind the boss's chair. I notice it's currently at a login screen, the troubled account has been entered and the cursor is sitting in the password box.

"As the phone call turns darker, boss man leans back in his chair and rests his elbow on the back portion of the desk -- as chance would have it, square on the keyboard. Things flash quickly past on the monitor.

"He finishes up the call, turns to the programming PC and then back to me: 'See, it's locked out again!'"

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