After 15 years, we can't understand either

This company has been using the same CRM software for at least 15 years, and at least one employee has used it all that time and still has problems, reports a network admin pilot fish on the scene.

"The software is used by 50 users, and this one continually has issues," says fish. "She assures me she is 'pretty proficient' with the program, and can't understand why she has the issues.

"One afternoon she called, telling me several groups she had set up had disappeared. Looking at her groups from my desk, I could still see them.

"She said, 'I only have the groups labeled A through H. Where are the rest of them?'

"I assured her they were still there, as I could see them all at my desk. I had her close the program and go back in. She still swore most of her groups were missing.

"Going to her desk, I quickly found the problem. Trying to not appear condescending -- or like I was laughing on the inside -- I showed her what the issue was.

"'You see this scroll bar on the right?' I began..."

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