iOS 7 release date for Seed 3: Monday

No change to controversial UI.

iOS 7 release date

Yesterday, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) released iOS 7 Seed 3 (or "beta 3" if you insist). If you're a developer (or if you're naughty) you can download it now. It fixes many bugs and improves performance, but doesn't do anything to address the many design complains.

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Kicking us off, Stephanie Mlot reports:

[It's the] third beta version of iOS 7. ... [It] includes fixes for pre-release bugs in Messages, iCloud, and AirPlay. ... Developers with an authorized Apple account can download the software update.


There is still more work for Apple before the general public can get their hands on the new operating system. ... The iOS 7 update, scheduled to release this "the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone," CEO Tim Cook said at WWDC. .  MORE

This anonymous writer writes his or her writing: 

[The] launch confirms an earlier rumor that Apple planned to follow a two-week release schedule. [It's] said to address a number of issues [with] Apple's iCloud services. Specifically...a number of problems...with the new iCloud Keychain feature...with Find My iPhone and Bookmarks issue in the Messages application that would present an empty message list [and a] crash when viewing attachments on two separate threads.


Apple has also reportedly addressed a common issue where some apps may receive either duplicate push notifications, or no push notification at all. ...a number of known issues...remain in iOS 7 beta 3 in a range of applications.  MORE

A clearly excited Bryan Chaffin observes other improvements:

[In] iOS 7 Seed 3...Apple has indeed improved performance, including smoother scrolling [and] smoother app switching. ... Notifications perform substantially smoother, as does Control Center. ... Siri's voices were tweaked with "new development versions" of the male and female voices for U.S. English...French, and...German.


Apple is making remarkable progress [but] it's still early in the process, and there is a lot of work to be done. ... It's getting more and more exciting, but we have a while yet to wait.  MORE

And Phil Moore fills more pageviews:

iOS 7 is more stable and less glitch prone on the iPhone 5 than it is on the older iPhone 4S. ...those testing iOS 7 beta on an iPhone 5 are frequently reporting improved battery life and a remarkably stable experience. ... But iPhone 4S testing has yielded swift battery drainage, audio defects, and...apps becoming unresponsive.


The more troublesome iOS 7 beta experience on the iPhone 4S may be because Apple is optimizing iOS 7 for newer hardware first.  MORE

Want it? Wait a sec: David Malcolm Puranen warns this warning:'s not really smart to run BETA software on your Primary Device! ...there's many Bugs that have to be found and fixed. ... This is no different from any Beta software you want to run on your PC. You take your chances.


I'm perfectly fine waiting until Apple releases the finished product! Nothing is perfect. ... That's just how it is.  MORE

Meanwhile, a mighty Paul Price looks upon Apple's works and despairs: [You're fired -Ed.]

OMG. Jellybean would melt the minds of most iOS users.  MORE

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