On second thought, better stay far, far away

This pilot fish works for a small company with remote users spread across multiple states, and most of the help desk calls are easily dealt with. But when a call is escalated to fish from a user with printer problems, she begins to think she may have to take a trip.

"The user kept trying to print an invoice from the finance software the company used," fish says. "But she said every time she sent it to the printer, nothing happened."

Are you receiving an error message when you try to print? fish asks.

User: "No. I've already told the other IT guy that I'm not getting an error message and there are not any lights blinking on the printer or messages on the display."

Fish: OK, walk me through the exact process you are performing in order to print this invoice.

User: (grumbling) "You should know the process -- you are IT. But this is what I'm doing. I click on the little button in the program that says save and submit. An Adobe window opens showing me the PDF. I click on the little icon that looks like a floppy disk so I can save it. Do you know what I'm talking about?"

Fish: (calmly) Yes.

User: "OK. Good. After I name it and click OK, it saves the PDF. Then I press the print button. But nothing happens."

Fish: OK. Can I remote in so I can see exactly what you're doing?

User: "What good is remoting into my system going to do when you can't see my @#$%! keyboard? I press the Print Screen button on the keyboard! Remoting in is not going to help you see that!" There's a loud clicking sound. "There! Did you hear that? That's what I do."

Fish: Um, the Print Screen button on the keyboard just takes a snapshot of what is currently on your screen. It does not print. You have to either go to File and choose print or click on the printer icon at the top of the window near the save button to print the document.

Her: "What? Oh." Long pause. "I used to push that button and it would print."

Reports fish, "I asked which program she was able to do that in. She named a program our company has never used. Are you sure? I asked. We've never used that program here. 'Well, duh!' she said. 'That was what I used where I used to work! Jeez!'"

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