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This accountant is filling in for an absent colleague when she gets a request from an administrative assistant, reports a pilot fish in the know.

"The admin was asking for an invoice on letterhead stationery," fish reports. "Within ten minutes, the accountant sent her a formatted invoice via email, which the assistant can print on letterhead."

Five days later, accountant gets another request for the invoice from the admin, who says she still doesn't have it.

Accountant calls admin back. Did you get the email with the invoice? she asks.

Yes, replies admin, but it wasn't on letterhead stationery.

Do you have letterhead stationary in your desk? accountant asks. Yes? Then you can just put the stationery in your printer and print out the invoice, can't you?

Admin is dubious. She never had to do that before, she says. The regular accountant always sends her printed invoices.

Sighs fish, "As it turns out, the absent accountant and the admin have been sending paper copies of the invoices back and forth for years. Invoicing that should take minutes via email have been taking days via snail mail."

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