Data storage -- then and now

As the size of storage drives shrink, capacity increases -- dramatically. Here is a look at how data storage has changed over the last six decades.
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How are we keeping up?

This year, the amount of data will grow to 2.16 zettabytes worldwide, according to IDC. By 2016, it will have grown to 3.77 zettabytes. As remarkable as we are at creating data, storage technology has kept up.

Data storage is the fastest growing semiconductor technology. Tape storage, hard disk drives and solid state storage have doubled about every 12 to 18 months.

Desktop drives today come in storage capacities of as much as 4TB (5TB later this year). That's enough to hold 1 million photos or 562 hours of HD video. By 2020, Seagate said heat-assisted magnetic recording will lead to a 60TB desktop hard drive, enough storage for 12 million photos or 6,750 hours of HD video.

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