Motorola Moto X phone teased, independently of Google

Let's hope that Moto X phone is waterproof.

Moto X phone ad

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) subsidiary Motorola Mobility is excited. It wants you to know that its new Android smartphone release date will be "soon" (whatever that means). And that you can "design it yourself" (whatever that means). And that it'll be "made in the USA" (whatever that means).

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers work out what that means.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Here's an unusual source for your humble blogwatcher... John McDermott:

Motorola has set a patriotic tone for its Moto X smartphone campaign [claiming it's] "The first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. ...the first smartphone that you can design yourself."


Motorola...declined to comment on which...aspects will be available for personalization [but said] Motorola wants to do with phones what Google did with search.


Some Moto X components will be created abroad, but final assembly will occur domestically.  MORE

It's at times like these, we fry an egg and turn to Nancy Gohring:

The ad offers a few hints that remind me of Google’s initial disastrous to sell phones directly. ... More interestingly, the ad calls the X “The first smartphone that you can design yourself.” We’re left to guess what exactly that means.


[I] think Motorola may not be launching with operator partners. In theory this is a great idea. ... The problem is, the operators...don’t make it easy. ... Google should have learned this from experience. When it launched the Nexus One [it was] a disaster. ended up closing the store within five months.  MORE

But your humble blogwatcher, who got out of bed on the "sarcastic" side this morning, takes issue with Nancy's memory:

According to Ms. Gohring, Google has totally backed away from selling unlocked phones direct. Wait, what?  

So, ummm... Where did I buy my Nexus 4 from? It sure as heck wasn't my carrier. IIRC, it was somewhere called "The Google Play Store." Yep, totally not Google selling direct.


Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Google is now working with carriers in addition to selling direct.  MORE

Meanwhile, Kevin C. Tofel deconstructs to instruct:

Since Motorola is a Google-owned company, it might need some extra marketing to remind people that the brand still exists [and it] needs a way to stand out from the crowd of Android hardware partners.


Making a patriotic plea around the July 4 holiday is a smart move...particularly when you realize that...all of its Android hardware partners are overseas.


I wonder if Motorola can somehow make the ordering process more like the old Dell build-to-order method. ... I don’t know if Motorola could pull that off, but that’s certainly one way to stand out from the crowded Android market.  MORE

However, Hayden Evans waxes cynical:

Watch “design it yourself” turn out to be:

1) Pick one of these colors

2) Pick a storage size

3) Pick a screen size

That’s it.  MORE

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