OK, let's try that last question again

Help desk pilot fish gets a call from a user: "There's nothing on my monitor."

Reports fish, "I asked, 'Is the monitor plugged in?'

"After a few seconds of checking the cables, the user replied, 'Yes.'

"Is the monitor connected to the computer?

"After another few seconds to check the cables again, the user replied, 'Yes.'

"Please check the light on the front of the computer. Is the computer turned on?

"The user replied, 'Yes, the computer is on.'

"Is the light on the bottom right corner of the computer screen yellow or green?

"The user replied, 'It's green.'

"Puzzled at this point, I asked, 'What color is your desktop?'

"Hesitantly, the caller said, 'Beige, but what difference does my desktop color have to do with the monitor not working?'"

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