And good luck with that in 2013

The reputation of this IT shop has really gone downhill over the past few years, reports a programmer pilot fish working there. But lately the decline is reaching breakneck speeds.

"The IT manager is near retirement but won't commit," says fish. "Several support staff are incompetent to the point that users avoid calling them for help. That leaves one support staffer who throughout his career has had to cover for the incompetent ones -- manager's orders."

The trouble isn't just that the competent guy -- call him Larry -- is stretched too thin. It's also that he's now a supervisor with the incompetents under him, so he decides what the priorities are.

Larry also comes and goes as he pleases, because (a) he frequently works nights and (b) he's a supervisor, so he sets his own schedules. But only the IT manager and Larry's favorite incompetent, Curly, might know Larry's schedule or whereabouts.

Meanwhile, programmers like fish are on their own supporting their PCs and tools, and at the mercy of the tech supervisor to get test systems refreshed and patches applied.

And Moe, the IT manager -- the king of the work-around -- is taking calls and telling users that IT doesn't have the resources to meet their needs, and offering up suggestions that users have already tried and didn't like.

"This brings me to the top three questions asked about our IT department," fish says.

"Number 3: What does Curly do?

"Number 2: When is Moe leaving?

"And number 1: Is Larry in?

"Maybe the new CEO will take care of things..."

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