Florida bans all computers. Wait, WHAT?

...and smartphones and tablets. Who knew? Not the governor.

Florida bans computers

If it wasn't bad enough that Internet cafes are illegal in Florida, now it seems that all computers are forbidden fruit. Has the sunshine state government become a laughing stock? (Always assuming it wasn't already.)

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers split their sides.

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Amanda McCorquodale uncorks the flow of hysterical news:

When Florida lawmakers recently voted to ban all Internet cafes, they...effectively outlawed every computer [says] a recent lawsuit.


Consuelo Zapata is now suing the state after her legal team found that the ban was so hastily worded that it can be applied to any...device connected to the Internet. [The law bans] any "system or network of devices" that may be used in a game of chance.


The suit maintains that the ban was essentially passed "in a frenzy fueled by distorted judgment."  MORE

Mary Beth Quirk consumes the news:

Are you in Florida? Are you reading these words? ...technically you are breaking the law.


Governor Rick Scott called the ban “the right thing to do for our state,”...after a charity tied to the lieutenant governor was shut down for perhaps being a gambling front.


Such a broad wording could count for any smartphone, tablet or computer, argue the lawyers...and declares it unconstitutional.  MORE

So who is this troublemaker? Joshua de Leon explains:

South Florida resident Consuelo Zapata [is] owner of Incredible Investments...an internet cafe “whose clientele is primarily migrant workers seeking computer time.”


[The law] effectively bans any business offering internet connections, forcing over 1,000 internet cafes to close.


Some Florida politicians remain shameless in their staunch support of the careless law. Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) said that he’s “proud that we [lawmakers] shut down the illegal Internet cafes in Florida. ... I’m only disappointed it took this long to do it.”  MORE

Quixote2 tilts at this particular windmill:

Welcome to the new America. Suppressing Internet cafes is precisely the next logical step in the assault against online free expression.


Naturally, people who wish to express themselves in controversial manners will now simply do their blogging in Internet cafes; whence the necessity of criminalizing such venues.  MORE

And Canoochee hopes for democratic sanity:

Over 1000!!! businesses shut down because one politician's charity got caught gambling? The people of the state if they had any sense, which they for the most part don't, should launch a recall effort.  MORE

Meanwhile, Doug Aamoth "applauds" the new law:

Florida...I beg you to fully enforce this law. ... If anything, this law should go further and ban voice calls, too. And TV.


Florida! A disconnected utopia! ... Watch as people flock to your beaches, theme parks and swamps with greater enthusiasm than ever before. ... Your state motto could be altered slightly to become Florida: The Sunshine State, and not just sunshine you look at from inside your house or vacation rental, but sunshine you actually feel on your body because you’re outside.  MORE

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