What Steven Sinofsky did next: Teach at Harvard!

Steven Sinofsky announces his latest venture. Sinofsky, who recently left Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) under a cloud, is going to be an Executive in Residence at Harvard Business School. Some call him "abrasive" and "autocratic," while others characterize him as the savior of Windows.

Steven Sinofsky

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers have a heated debate.

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Is Jay Greene enviouse?

Sinofsky said he intends to teach "product development" as well as write articles about the topic. ... He served as a "visiting scholar" there in 1998.


Sinofsky departed Microsoft after disagreements with several executives, including CEO Steve Ballmer. ... The centerpiece of Sinofsky's management style...is creating what's known...as a "functional organization." That's a system that creates reporting lines around job functions. ... It runs counter to "product organizations." ... Sinofsky said his title will be "Executive in Residence."  MORE

Brad Reed conducts a thought experiment:

Let’s say you’re a brilliant person who got canned [for not] working well with others. Where would you go next? ... You’d become a Harvard professor!  MORE

Steven Sinofsky tweets his new rôle:

Excited to return to @HarvardHBS to teach again this spring! New perspectives, recharge, share experiences, write. #sabbatical


Research, writing, classroom on prod dev, planning, collaboration, and more.  MORE

Did Sinofsky say "sabbatical"? Todd Bishop moves diagonally:

[It] looks like an interim step, not a permanent gig. No word yet on...his next act in the world of business and technology.  MORE

But Alex Williams ain't a fan, it seems:

Kind of ironic I’d say in wake of his sudden departure from Microsoft. ... The official reason Sinofsky left? Microsoft needed someone who could work across the multiple product groups. ... The unofficial (read: real) reason he left? he was a top-down autocrat who had an abrasive style.


what the hell [is he] going to teach a bunch of students getting their masters degrees?  MORE

So this ex-softie, Antony Wu, speaks up in Steven's defense:

I can assure you that he is no idiot. Eccentric? Very much so. He has been delivering product on time ever since Office. He did what Brian Valentine couldn't.  MORE

Meanwhile, Suril Amin thinks he sees a pattern:

Kind of like that General who went to teach at Harvard after being kicked out of Afghanistan.  MORE

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