Now how could THAT happen?

Flash back to the 1980s, when this IT pilot fish is in an Army unit that uses some early PCs for word processing.

"The PCs had 10MB removable hard drives, which had to be secured in a safe, at night. Each officer had one," fish says.

"We also had clerk typists. The officers used to harass them, of course, and so did their NCOs.

"The officers would give the hard drive to a clerk typist, so they could type up letters and store them. Depending on the irritation level of the clerk typist, occasionally the hard drives would be accidentally dropped on the concrete floor. Sometimes several times. Sometimes launched at high speed, multiple times, over several days.

"Physical activity is one way to relieve stress and irritation, and this particular activity offered some noisy, instantly available feedback.

"Occasionally, officers would complain about their hard drives not working any more. It seems they would crash without warning. I can't imagine why..."

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