Google Reader is DEAD: Replacement alternative ideas are here

Google Reader alternatives or replacements listed within.

Google Reader alternatives or replacement

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is finally killing its RSS/Atom reader today. What are your alternatives? With what should you replace it? So. Farewell then, Google Reader. "New in your subscriptions"—that was your catchphrase.

Rabbits; white rabb-it's IT Blogwatch, in which bloggers make like E. Jarvis Thribb (17½).

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: HITLER...

Aunty brings the bad news:

Millions of users of Google's Reader service are preparing...with many still angered. ... Other web companies are now clamouring to gain "Google Reader orphans."


Using RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, users can see when content is updated without having to visit each site individually.  MORE

Carly Page turns again:

We know, it's a tough day for all of us. ... Google Reader has gone the way of services such as...Buzz and SMS services. ... There is some light at the end of the tunnel...though, as other firms have been quick to launch similar services.


While you make up your mind about which one is for you, you can watch how Hitler reacted.  MORE

Lex Friedman advises Mac- and iOS-based alternatives:

I love RSS; I’ve used NetNewsWire since its launch, and I use Reeder for iPad and iPhone. ...listen—and this is important—the time to export your Google Reader subscriptions is now...head over to Google Takeout.


Feedly, FeedHQ, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler, Fever, and BazQux Reader are all smaller companies looking to usurp Google Reader. ... Digg and AOL [have] readers of their own.


Feedbin has become my favorite option behind the scenes. ... [I use] a Fluid app pointing to Feedbin, complete with an unread items count badge. My plan is to rely on [that] until someone makes a great Mac app. ... I’ll use Reeder on the iPhone, and Mr. Reader on the iPad, all of which will remain in sync thanks to Feedbin.  MORE

So Jack Schofield faire une pipe: [You're fired -Ed.] is too soon to say which news reader will replace it. ... Some of the contenders are either too new to judge...or have yet to launch. ... The newcomers include AOL, Digg, Facebook and (via the purchase of Pulse) LinkedIn. ... Under the circumstances, it does seem surprising that Google is shutting down Google Reader rather than integrating it into...Google Plus.


The Old Reader is fairly close [but] doesn't offer mobile apps or browser extensions [so] it may not be the best long-term solution. ... Feedly seems to be picking up most of its old customers. ... If you don't like Feedly, Newsblur is probably your best bet [but] it costs $24 a year. ... Otherwise, Digg Reader looks promising. ... Buzzego...has now added an "I'm from Google Reader" button to import people's existing feeds. ... I'm using the Protopage website to collect RSS feeds from popular technology sites.  MORE

Meanwhile, Gaylord Holomalia is... quite a name to conjure with:

My interest waned when Digg announced their reader was using a freemium model. Then they lost me altogether when I heard the only mobile version at launch would be iOS. ...everything about this launch screams of a rushed product trying to make a profit off people scrambling at the last minute.


I picked Feedly early on. And although it's lacking in some areas and too splashy in others [it] works and is available now.  MORE

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