IT that counts

This psychiatric hospital's IT department has 11 staffers -- and an IT director who's very hands-on and gives more than the usual attention to even the smallest detail, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

"He called all of us in for a training session on a business process that's handled by one of IT's staff and another backup person in Records," says fish. "We all had to sign a roster to indicate that we received the training, in case both of them were absent on the day of the month when this process was handled.

"Just before the session ended, the director asked twice more if everyone signed the roster, and gave us a rather lengthy explanation as to why he needed a record of our being instructed.

"Afterward I could hear the IT director hollering to anyone in earshot that someone did not sign the rooster. 'I only have 11 signatures,' he kept saying. 'There are 12 in this department, so someone didn't sign.'

"After a few minutes of everyone voicing their affirmation that they signed, the director checked all the names off and discovered that the missing name was -- his own.

"I'm guessing he must have assumed he needed the training also when he figured out how many of us needed to sign in."

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