At least he really did like the idea

It's the early 1990s, and this pilot fish works for a company that requires every printout to have a cover page to prevent casual snooping of documents left on the departmental printers.

"It had always been done that way, and nobody questioned it," says fish. "But when the office-supplies budget was tightened and we started running low on basic supplies such as notepads, one of my co-workers got an idea to save the company money.

"We replaced the default cover page for the printouts with one that looked like a lined sheet of notebook paper. A title across the top of the page read 'From the Desktop of' with the user's name. We felt rather proud of our creativity and resourcefulness in turning an otherwise wasted page into personalized notepads.

"Unfortunately, our feeling of pride was short lived. I found one our users photocopying a hundred sheets of his personalized notepad."

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