iPhone 5S features & specs -- new rumors revealed

Apple iPhone 5S features and specs leak.

iPhone 5S features and specs

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is expected to release a new smartphone in the fall again. No surprise there, and no surprise if it's an 'S' model: a tweaked version of today's flagship. New pictures have emerged, showing the interior and the rear case of a purported pomaceous prototype.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers stare at the images, seeking supine inspiration.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

A salivating Eric Slivka winds up the iPhone rumor-mill and primes the blog echo-chamber:

...several images...appear to show both the interior and rear shell of Apple's upcoming iPhone 5S.


The rear shell photo shows a vertical pill-shaped window...supporting rumors of a dual LED flash for the iPhone 5S. ... Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5S...alongside a lower-cost iPhone. ... Apple is likely to release the new iPhones around...September.  MORE

And Michael Steebler squints and peers at the blurry images:

While these photos reveal little new about the device, they provide a closer picture at what we might see. ... An improved flash, along with software optimization could achieve better low-light performance.


These new photos come after a long string of iPhone part leaks recently, and closely follow past reports. ... Apple could also be experimenting with other colors for the iPhone.


Much is still unknown...with rumors of fingerprint sensors and a cheaper iPhone still being thrown around.  MORE

But Jamie Condliffe sounds slightly skeptical:

this could be a very early prototype. Or, perhaps, fake.


While there's no telling if this is the real deal...subtle incremental changes are perhaps more believable than grand sweeping redesigns.  MORE

Whereas Orlin Milinov seems on the disappointed side:

...using the previous iPhones as reference, it is not going to be a completely redesigned product but more of a faster, more refined version. .


So it's best to adjust your expectations accordingly.  MORE

So James Oliver puts that thought into a real-world context:

Most people upgrade every two years as per their contract. ...it may not be a huge upgrade from iPhone 5 [but] it will be quite a leap from the iPhone 4S, certainly enough of a leap to justify upgrading.  MORE

Wait. Did someone mention a low-cost iPhone? Jonny Evans can "confirm" it:

Pegatron CEO, TH Tung, told shareholders that while the much-anticipated smartphone will indeed be cheaper than the full-strength iPhone, it won’t be "cheap." ...leaving Android device makers to scratch for their cash in the low-end markets.


Pegatron has reportedly been contracted to handle some or all of the manufacture of these new models. ...this is the strongest confirmation we've seen yet [of] the chimera of the cheap-but-not-cheap iPhone.  MORE

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