It's beginning to look a lot like laptops

This contractor pilot fish's job has just been acquired by a company that makes PCs, and as Christmas approaches the new company gives fish a hardbound journal -- one with a cover that makes it look just like a laptop.

"The journal just fits into a shirt-size gift box," says fish. "I put it into the box with some tissue paper around the edges, so it appears to be a real laptop."

He wraps it nicely and puts a note on top for his very computer-phobic South American wife: "Tu Nueva Computadora."

Then it goes under the tree.

Christmas day arrives, it's time to open gifts, and fish's wife comes across the shirt box.

She opens it, takes out the note and then stares at the contents of the box.

Reports fish, "She turned to me and said, with a matching expression, '¿Estás loco?'

"It took a couple minutes for me to convince her to take the computer out of the box. She really did not want anything to do with it.

"Once she got it out of the box, however, her opinion changed. She has been happily using that 'computer' ever since."

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