Of course it's all secure -- we do audits

Network security pilot fish is working for a big publishing company when something genuinely disturbing turns up in an audit.

"I found over a million files that could be rewritten by almost anyone," says fish. "This was the result of the habit at the time of people just sharing the root of the C: drive. There were hundreds of files with names suggestive of sensitive data: review, projection, budget, forecast, etc.

"In addition to writing up the audit report, which was largely ignored, I added a sort of humorous test by creating a folder within the HR server titled 'If you find this folder, call (555) 555-0100' -- my personal cell phone number.

"The audit came and went. A couple years went by and I was laid off.

"Three years after I was laid off, someone finally called me and said, 'I found a folder name that said to call this number.'

"Once I explained, we both had a laugh over how long it took for that to be noticed."

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