The Cloud? I prefer the clouds...

The Cloud gets a lot of airplay these days. it's become a bit of a buzzword, to be checked off ones' Buzzword Bingo card at the next staff meeting.

But before The Cloud, there were clouds. And pretty cool ones, too. This video features strange clouds including lenticular, mammatus, and other bizarre formations, set to some pleasant new age music. Enjoy during your next coffee break.

On the other hand, nothing is as imposing in the skies as a monster thunderstorm. Check out the grandeur and power of this beauty fimed in Texas:

Perhaps lightning strikes are more your fancy? You'll never see a bolt captured as dramatically as this one from Australia:

So the next time you're bored into near unconsciousness by discussions of The Cloud, just remember that there are the original versions of the term out there in the sky, just waiting for you to stand (at a safe distance) and enjoy their wonder.

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