GhostShell dumps 1.6 MILLION users' personal data in #ProjectWhiteFox @TeamGhostShell

Team GhostShell is crowing about its latest data dump: 1,600,000 rows of private, personally-identifiable data. The Anonymous-spinoff hacking group claims the data were stolen from insecure government and industry databases, and says there's much more where that came from.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers feel a little bit of déjà vu.

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Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Darlene Storm brings us up to speed:

Along with massive links to data dumps...the group claims to have emailed ICS-CERT...Homeland Security...FBI...NASA...and others warning about “another 150 vulnerable servers." ... "It's not that hard to inject malware in gov's and spy a little."


Numerous corporations and sites from banks to lawyers were also hit. ... There were about 1.6 million account details leaked from nearly 40 websites.  MORE

Iain Thomson adds color:

The hacking collective...has finished operations for the year, but has signed off with a dump of...details purloined from government, military, and industry...ESA, NASA, Pentagon, Federal Reserve, Interpol, FBI...firms in the aerospace and military contracting field [and] some security companies.


The team mocked the efforts of law enforcement groups trying to track them down. ... It has been a busy couple of months for the group, which has been cited as an off-shoot of...Anonymous.  MORE

The anonymous Team GhostShell daemons strut their stuff, thuswise:

Winter is here and so are hop on our bandwagon, we're going on an adventure...promoting hacktivism worldwide and drawing attention to the freedom of information.


Happy holidays and who knows, maybe we'll see each other again next year!  MORE

But James Johnson has seen it all before:

According to the group the documents span 37 different organizations. ... The attacks grabbed IP address info, login details for various account times, home addresses of government workers and even documents containing sensitive industry information. ... .


Another day, another file dump. ... Are you bored with the constant onslaught of...dumps being handed over by hacking collectives?  MORE
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